Specialists in insurance mediation and home loans.

EG – Mediadores de Seguros, Lda was founded on January 9, 2001 and after 21 years presents a capital of maturity and sustained growth. Since the beginning of its activity, the company has provided insurance and services always adapted to the needs of its Clients.

Our goal is to find the best insurance options for individuals or companies and for home loans, without commissions and avoiding complications.

"We guarantee a security experience that makes a difference in our customers' lives."

Our values

Strong partnerships

We build strong partnerships in insurance, are a valued partner in service delivery, and offer a level of excellence in financial services mediation.

We develop an agile organization, we invest in innovation, we grow in a sustainable way, always evaluating risks, we form teams of enterprising and committed people.

The focus is on customer satisfaction, in a proximity-based approach aimed at protecting their specific interests, in all variables of life and the future.

We are a group company:

EG Seguros e Crédito is one of the subsidiaries of Enolagest, an economic group with exclusively national capital and with a corporate culture of values determined with rigor, in a perspective of integrated management, in which teamwork is valued, focused on customer satisfaction, with a continuous focus on innovation, aimed at continuously improving the effectiveness of the organization and service innovation.

20+ years of experience


Throughout its activity, the company has always provided insurance of all classes and promoted mediation with most prestigious insurance companies.

A consulting service is also available to assist you in choosing and managing a wide range of private and business insurance products.

In 2018 EG extended its activity to the area of Credit Intermediation, focusing on monitoring bank credit processes, namely in the real estate area, working with the most recognized banking institutions.

Be part of our team

Our team is made up of highly motivated, specialized professionals who are always available for personalized service. We offer the best service and make available the most adequate solutions for each Client profile.

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